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Thank you for your quality and thorough service you provide in home inspections. Though buying a home can be an exciting time of some ups and downs, having a realistic view of conditions and expectations is the greatest value in the real estate business. Thanks for everything.
-Becky N., Texas
I can’t thank you enough for your excellence in the home inspection you performed for Matt and me. I have no doubt that we could not have received a better one. There were so many areas, big and small, which needed to be addressed, and without your help, we would have been stuck with them after closing on the house. And just to let you know, you were right about the heat exchanger; the sellers are having it replaced. Good luck in your business and I will surely recommend you to anyone in need of an inspector.
-Michelle E., Texas
I would highly recommend your company to anyone who is looking for an inspection service. I was extremely satisfied with the thoroughness of your inspection in the home we purchased in May. I cannot say enough about the quality of the service you provided.
-Kathy J., Texas
I wanted to take a moment to thank you for your generous help and professionalism. If you had not been there, my wife and I would not have been able to get our home repaired like it was supposed to be. We made a big mistake using our realtors’ “inspector” for our home and now we are paying the price. I asked our realtor about your inspection services and the said you were too hard on inspections and too expensive. I only wish I had gotten the first clue there and used your services from the beginning. We used the other inspector and now over six months later, we are still trying to repair the damage that was there. I we would have only called you in the first place, my wife and I could have saved thousands of dollars and many months of despair over our new home. Thanks so much and I hope no one else makes the same mistake we did by not calling you.
-Shane and Tiffini H., Texas
Thank you very much!! I could not have gotten a better inspector.
-Anette S., Texas
Thank you so much for helping me out. I appreciate you expediting your services.
-Carla D., Texas
We were very pleased with your thorough inspection.
-Barry V., Texas
On two occasions we used Craig Reagan to inspect properties that we were considering purchasing. We found Mr. Reagan to be a very professional, conscientious, and knowledgeable inspector. We feel he did a complete and thorough job. We would highly recommend Mr. Reagan.
-Louise S., Texas
Thank you for your timely and efficient service.
-Clayton D., CA
I would like to thank you for your prompt and efficient response in providing professional inspections of the homes many of my clients have purchased. Your consistency in checking in detail all the required areas of the homes was mentioned to me time and time again by my clients. When I accompanied you on several occasions as you were conducting the inspections, I can verify your completeness and exacting inspection methods. Again, thank you for outstanding service to my clients over the past years. I will be giving your and your company the highest recommendations in the future.
-Marvin B., Keller Williams Realty, Texas
It has always been a pleasure working with you. In a business where so few are true professionals, you and your organization stand head and shoulders above every other inspection firm I have worked with in my 18 years in the real estate business. While as Realtors we are not always pleased with the fact that thorough inspections such as those done by you reveal problems that have to be resolved, it is always much better to be aware of any potential structural or mechanical items prior to closing. This enables us to avoid costly litigation later. Additionally, my customers are always extremely grateful for the information your reports provide and this further enhances my value to them as their Realtor. I can say that several referrals from past customers have been generated by the good feelings they had after going through the inspection process with you, discovering and dealing with repair items on the home they were purchasing.
-Steve C., Keller Williams Realty, Texas
Craig, I just wanted to thank you for all you help. We really appreciated your professional and honest treatment.
-Kim and Derek C., Texas
Craig, thanks for doing such a thorough job on our home inspection.
-Lyndon A., Texas
Thank you so much for your excellent advice and overseeing of the foundation repairs at our house. Best wishes in your future endeavors.
-Pam H., Texas
Thank you very much for this report and my sincere appreciation to Craig Reagan.
-Hugh J., Texas
Thank you for your work on the inspection of the house. If I have some more work in the future, I would like to use your services again.
-Felipe G., Texas
My experience with Craig Reagan has been outstanding. During the home buying process, I hired Craig to inspect a house which I eventually purchased. I have never experienced the level of diligence, honesty, and integrity that Mr. Reagan displayed. After his inspection, he provided me with a thorough report and followed up with several phone calls to see if I was still satisfied with his work. I was, and still am, totally happy with Mr. Reagan’s inspection, as it resulted in the discovery of several hard-to-find problems, which the seller agreed to repair. Mr. Reagan even reported to me the non-crucial deficiencies and instructed me on how to repair them. It should be noted that Mr. Reagan’s diligence and determination to give his best has resulted in unpopular standing among some Realtor’s. I find this an admirable quality and have recommended him to any person looking to sell or purchase a house. All in all, I am 100% satisfied with the work of Mr. Reagan and strongly recommend his services.
-Andy L., Texas
I thought you were very thorough and professional. I appreciate the time you took to explain what you saw during the inspection. While the home buying process has become frustrating to me, I found you to be refreshingly honest and ethical. As I continue the house buying process, you can count on my business. I will also be quick to recommend your services to anyone else in the process of buying a home.
-Allan F., Texas
Thank you for your services and your consideration. It was appreciated!
-Mr. and Mrs. Scott A., Texas
My husband and I have had the opportunity to observe the work of Craig Reagan twice with respect to single family homes that we have sold or purchased. Craig performs very careful and detailed inspections. These inspections give the prospective buyer an extensive detailed listing of the potential problems identified by the inspector, regardless of size. This list enables the prospective buyer to appreciate the repairs and improvements – extraordinary or routine – that he or she may need to undertake in the course of owning the property. All properties suffer from imperfections, but it is helpful to be able to examine the true condition and cost of ownership of a particular house. As such, focus on an extensive list of problems – not just those deemed by the inspector to be more serious or imminent in nature – can be quite helpful. We can highly recommend the services of Craig Reagan to anyone who has the desire for a detailed analysis of a property.
-Linda Y., Texas
I am writing to thank your for the excellent inspection you performed of our new home. We greatly appreciate your promptness, courtesy, and care during the inspection. I was particularly impressed with the way you exercised the house, checking the structure, testing the electrical and plumbing, the appliances, and the air conditioning to name a few. You found several problems that would have caused us major problems at a later date, which were subsequently brought to the attention of our builder. Our objectives for having you inspect the house were to ensure that all was well, and to provide documentary evidence for the future as to the quality of construction. Your excellent work achieved our objectives, and I will strongly recommend your services to my friends and colleagues who may need inspection services for their house construction or purchase. Many thanks, great job!
-Malcolm A., Texas