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Thermal imaging has become increasingly popular in the field of predictive maintenance. It is well known that many mechanical and electrical items give advance warning of their impending failure. This advance warning in mechanical and electrical systems are typically indicated by heat and can be viewed through thermal imaging. Sophisticated infrared cameras are used to view the area in question and provide insight to the performance of the item by evaluating temperature variations across the surface.

Thermal imaging has also been found to be helpful in evaluating the performance of flat roofs and in many cases, saving replacement of the entire roof covering by identifying the problems areas so they can be replaced as needed. Many times, these problem areas can be identified before any indications of roof leakage are noticed inside the building. This same technology can be used in identification of construction deficiencies, plumbing leaks below foundations, and areas of inadequate insulation in commercial and residential structures.

At Inspection Masters, we recognize the enormous benefit of Thermal Imaging and provide this service to our clients. Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have as to how thermal or infrared imaging can benefit you. We offering this service on a nationwide scale, and in some instances, worldwide services are available as well.

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